It was July 1880 that Reverend Mother traveled to Mauch Chunk to visit the Sisters there. Sister Clothilde, Superior of that mission relates it.

“The first time we had the joy of greeting our Reverend Mother was shortly after her arrival in New York on her way to Wilkes-Barre when she contacted Mauch Chunk by a telegram. We all went to the railroad station energized with such joyful excitement that we could scarcely wait for the moment when the train would deposit the one so long awaited and so jubilantly to be welcomed. To our great joy we were allowed to ride along for several stations and then partied, in the joyful hope that, after some time we would have Reverend Mother with us again in our beautiful Mauch Chunk, this time for several days.

Reverend Mother inspected all the rooms of the convent, the classrooms, the garden and was, as she remarked delighted with everything. The glorious environment, the beautiful location of our home and the entire landscape then in the fullest bloom – all surely contributed to the favorable evaluation. After Father Heinen, our Reverend Pastor, and his assistant had paid their respects to Reverend Mother, we Sisters were happy to spend the rest of the evening in her loving company. In the afternoon we rode over the Switchback from which point we had an eye-opening view of the entire region.

The next morning the school children greeted Reverend Mother with songs and poems. In the evening, however, our grown-up people, as also almost all the men of the parish, assembled in our spacious auditorium which we had decorated as richly as possible to welcome our dear visitor. After a song of welcome, one of the young men greeted Reverend Mother in the name of the entire parish, especially the members of the Marian Sodality, who all had the fortune to be instructed by the Sisters. He expressed in a few eloquent words his and everyone else’s thanks, as also their great joy in welcoming Reverend Mother here, adding best wishes for her continued health and happiness.”

Sister Clothilde Brockmeier – April 19, 1915 U.S.
Reverend Mother Pauline died April 30, 1881 – Paderborn, Germany

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