Posted on November 07, 2018 in: General News

In the midst of the season of earthly harvest the church invites us to reflect upon the harvest of souls especially during the month of November when the liturgical year draws to a close. As has been our tradition in the past, we will honor our deceased loved ones by inviting you to bring photos of deceased family members and friends which we have placed upon our purgatorial altar (altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary). The Book of the Dead is in front of the altar so that you may enter the names of the departed which we will pray for at every Mass in November. Please make use of the All Souls envelope in your contribution box and drop them in the weekend collections through November. This month is also a time to visit the graves of the deceased and so you are invited to visit the cemetery and place a flower or vigil light on the graves of friends or relatives and say a prayer for their happy repose. All of these are practical ways in which we can remind ourselves of our communion with the saints and with the souls in purgatory.

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