Mother Pauline’s Thrift Shop

Mother Pauline’s Thrift Shop is the brain child of a few forward thinking people in St. Joseph’s Church. It’s purpose is to serve the needs of the greater community.

The days that it is open (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) coincides with days that our Food Pantry is open so that people who need Mother Pauline’s Thrift Shop will be accommodated. We carry many household items, furniture, adult and children’s clothing.

Our shop is named for the foundress of the Sisters of Christian Charity, Mother Pauline von Mallinckrodt. Mother Pauline had a love of children and a love of the poor. She sent some of her Sisters to Jim Thorpe back in 1874 to teach our children. These Sisters were here teaching until about 7 years ago. They are considered co-founders of St. Joseph Church, because it was the Sisters who chose many of the stained glass windows to teach the children Gospel stories. We know that The Sisters of Christian Charity are always with us in spirit! And we who work at the Shop believe that Mother Pauline is right at our side!

We have approximately 15 hardworking volunteers that keep Mother Pauline’s Thrift Shop looking good and fresh all the time. These are ladies who know how to ‘mix it up’ so that things look a little different from week to week. We have women who are constantly sorting through the donations so that we are not backlogged.

We are always looking for good helpers! If you have some time that you can give us, we would be so very grateful.

Our store hours are: Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday…9 AM to 1 PM.

To volunteer, please call St Joseph Church at 570-325- 3731.